Directors Statement

Directors Statement

Growing up near Moreton Bay Queensland, I was introduced early to the beauty of shorebirds by my grandmother, a bird lover who lived on the shoreline of Redland Bay. An avid bird watcher and poet, she taught me to love these vulnerable creatures.

The wayfarers of the area, the 34 species of local shorebirds in Moreton Bay are amongst the most exquisite species on the planet. They are also the amongst the most threatened.

I felt a deep calling to make Flyways.

Director’s Statement As a filmmaker focusing on issues of ecology and science, I’ve realised one of the greatest threats to our existence lays in the precipitous global loss of biodiversity we all face.

Shorebirds are amongst the most threatened species on the planet – with some species such as Spoon-billed Sandpipers just a tiny beat away from extinction. Flyways uses the best science to address the harsh reality of this extinction crisis.

Most importantly we tell stories of the positive action we can take to stem the tide – on a local and global level.

Shorebirds, the wayfarers, are truly the most exquisite species on the planet.

On their epic journey, shorebirds tell us so much about ourselves, our world, and our quest for a better future.